About Us

We decided to become the connection between organizations that wanted to do good and the people who could make it happen.

So, we gathered the resources we needed. We connected the networks who could help us build. And we hired local workers, teaching them invaluable skills that could launch new careers—allowing for a more sustainable economic impact long after we leave.

Because we believe that doing good doesn’t stop at just one project. It keeps going, building into something immeasurably more than we could have imagined.

Our Services

We navigate the red tape, gather the resources, and make connections to get sustainable projects off the ground and to completion.

Our Founder

Whitney Brown founded Immeasurably More Haiti as a consulting firm to help organizations create a positive impact in places that need it. With a deep love for community and over a decade of experience in Master Planned Development and Business Operations, she realized a growing need for organizations in areas that lacked development. She saw worthy causes that needed funding, developers, construction, and support. And she was able to provide all of it. Driven by her experience and a desire to help others, she started Immeasurably More Haiti as a way to help organizations complete their projects and build support in their communities.

What We Provide

We provide intermediary operations and strategic services to assist with sustainable development projects within Haiti. There are so many organizations trying to do good and make a positive impact on the Haitian people, environment, and economy, but they’re running into issues that prevent their projects from getting off the ground. That’s why we’re here – to help you complete sustainable development projects for the social and economic good of Haiti.

A Connection to Resources

We put our years of experience to work, connecting people with good intentions and great ideas with the resources they need to bring their project to life.

Boots on the Ground

Whether your organization is on location or across the globe, we’ll be your eyes, ears, and hands onsite to monitor your project to completion.

Building Sustainable Good

We hire local workers to complete every project, bringing economic relief to the area while providing engineering and development training to enhance their skillset for a lifelong career.

Get involved

Looking to make a positive impact, but not sure where to start?

We can help you make it happen.

Submit a project

Tell us about a project you have for Haiti and the resources you need to get it started. We’ll show you how we can help.


Have the skills, equipment, or resources to build and want to make a positive change? We’ll connect you with the projects that could use your contributions.


Have experience in building, development, or engineering? Talk to us about setting up a training session with our local workers.

Where We Are

We go where the world needs us. Right now, that’s in Haiti.
Learn more about what we’re doing there and how you can get involved.