Our Mission

To connect those looking to create a positive, sustainable impact in Haiti with the people and resources who can make it happen.

How We Do It

We bring development projects to life.

We are the boots-on-the-ground back-up you need to help you plan your project, execute your ideas, and track your progress. Whether your organization is headquartered in Haiti or across the globe, we’ll be your eyes, ears, and hands onsite to manage and monitor your project from inception to completion. And we give power back to the people by hiring local workers for the development of your project, while also providing education and training. We find real experts to volunteer and teach construction and engineering skills that could jumpstart a career—helping your organization create a deeper and more sustainable economic impact.

Get involved

Looking to make a positive impact, but not sure where to start?

We can help you make it happen.

Submit a project

Tell us about a project you have for Haiti and the resources you need to get it started. We’ll show you how we can help.


Have the skills, equipment, or resources to build and want to make a positive change? We’ll connect you with the projects that could use your contributions.


Have experience in building, development, or engineering? Talk to us about setting up a training session with our local workers.

Where We Are

We go where the world needs us. Right now, that’s in Haiti.
Learn more about what we’re doing there and how you can get involved.